Training Centre

3000 hours (HAZMAT) or 5400 hours (EIFS) of hands-on training.

3 Weeks(HAZMAT)
or 10 Weeks (EIFS)
of in-school sessions.

1 Exceptional career.

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Grants for the Contractor

1) The contractor is entitled to up to a $10,000 tax credit per apprentice per tax year (Apprenticeship Training Tax Credit) for the first 48 months of an apprentices program. (To a maximum of $40,000.00).

2) The Contractor is entitled to a $1000.00 grant (Ontario Apprentice Employer Bonus) from the provincial government for each apprentice they hire when their apprentice has successfully completed their training.

Grants/Loans for the Apprentice

1) The apprentice is entitled to an Apprenticeship Completion Grant (AIG) of $2000.00 which he/she is entitled to once they hold a Certificate of Qualification or Certificate of Apprenticeship (EIFS and HAZMAT).

2) Each first year registered apprentice is entitled to up to $400.00 interest free loan under the Loans For Tools Program to help them buy the tools and equipment they need to perform their trade.